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The Difference Between 4G CPE Router and Modem Router?


 It is compatible with 4G / 3.5g/3g/2.5g network. With flagship configuration, VPN link, industrial protection and wide temperature design, it can easily build a high-speed and stable wireless transmission network, and provide users with the function of long-distance data transmission without line by using public TD-SCDMA Network.


In fact, the biggest difference between the two is whether Du supports 4G Internet access.

The ordinary router Dao only provides the routing function, while the Internet access function is provided by the broadband Shu. In other words, the router is only responsible for the establishment of LAN, not for connecting to the Internet.

In addition to the standard router functions, 4G router can also provide the function of connecting to the Internet directly by using 4G phone card, without the need for users to open broadband.