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Do we need 4G CPE router ?


what are the advantages of independent WiFi Pa? WiFi is mainly traffic data transmission, without voice call function, which will not affect the use of the network due to the call. When a phone is connected to the Internet with a mobile phone, the signal will be interrupted or weakened, and the mobile phone and WiFi devices connected with the mobile phone as the hotspot cannot access the Internet; hored air 4G Wireless routing WiFi (4G Mifi ,Mobile Mifi )has two independent PA built-in, and the transmission power can reach 20dbm, which can effectively avoid the interference of geological, environmental and weather factors.


When the car / motor car enters the tunnel, the signal will not be affected as seriously as the mobile phone signal. Therefore, 4G wireless router(B42,B43,B48 CAT 6 CPE router ,Dual Band CPE LTE router) is faster and more stable than mobile phone 4G.