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How to set up a wireless 4G router?


How to set up a wireless 4G router?

Wireless 4G router is the necessary facilities, It can realize the sharing of multiple computers and WiFi access of mobile phones. But How to set up a wireless 4G router?

1. First of all, you must have a 4G Sim card. Then you can buy a wireless router. The card slot or the line that comes out is inserted into the WAN port of the wireless router. Then, use a wire to plug into the secondary port of the router (4G CPE router / Mobile Mifi generally has one main port and four secondary ports). The line from the secondary port is plugged into the main computer of the computer.

2. Then you set up the wireless router (manual), use to log in to the management field of wireless router. After entering, you can set up the Internet access mode (PPPoE / static / dynamic IP) through the setup wizard, and complete the setting step by step according to the operating instructions.

3. Next is the wireless encryption password, which is the wireless password that the client needs to verify when logging in to the network. For the sake of security, the general encryption method is set to wap2 PSK, and then input the required key.

4. After setting, it is better to restart the wireless 4G router. After the restart, the computer and your mobile phone or laptop with WiFi can receive WiFi signals and go online.