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The 4G / 5G FWA Technology Forum


The 4G / 5G FWA Technology Forum was established, and Huawei joined hands with Yaojin and other partners to win the new era of wireless home broadband (4G,5G LTE CPE router,Mifi,Module)


[teleconference, July 22, 2020] the 4G / 5G FWA (fixed wireless access) technology forum was successfully held, and the mainstream chip, module, terminal manufacturers, industrial organizations GSA, operators' representatives and analysts' organizations attended the forum. During the meeting, Huawei and 20 industrial partners issued a joint statement announcing the establishment of "4G / 5G FWA Technology Forum" as a platform for long-term industrial cooperation, aiming to unite industry and ecological chain partners and jointly promote the rapid deployment of 4G / 5G FWA.