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How to install outdoor wireless router

There are many wireless routers indoors, outdoors, or on-board and portable. Indoor, on-board, and portable routers are more convenient and simple to install. However, there are more requirements for installing outdoor wireless routers. How to install outdoor wireless routers?
1. How to install outdoor wireless router
1. Fixed
If it is fixed on the wall, punch holes in the corresponding spacing of the wall according to the size of the wall hole on the back of the router, then hang steel nails in the holes, and hang the wall holes of the device on the steel nails. The router can be fixed on the wall; if it is fixed on a pole, you can clamp the groove of the router on the pole, and then use a nylon rope to pass through the wall hole and tie it to the wall.
2. Network connection
After fixing, you can connect the interface of the router to the POE port of the injector with a network cable, and then plug in the power supply to see if the indicator of the router is on. Generally speaking, the system will start up within one minute after powering on , The indicator light will glow blue.
3. Link check
The default mode of the router is AP mode, so after connecting to the power supply, you need to manually configure the static IP address of the computer. The IP address of the AP mode is After the computer IP address is set, it needs to be in the "Start" "Run" Enter ping192.168.2.1 to confirm that the router is connected, if not, check the local address configuration or indicator light.