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5G empowers to create a broader IoT ecosystem

The deployment and maintenance of a large number of IoT terminals requires that the terminal design can meet the requirements of low power consumption, high performance, integration and scale. How to meet the needs of sub-sectors, reduce the difficulty of designing innovative IoT solutions for enterprises of different sizes, and realize commercial implementation has become the key to the core strength of the underlying communication solution provider.

Qualcomm believes that only with leading technologies, expertise in market segments, and a broad product portfolio and platform can it effectively support and expand the IoT ecosystem and promote the prosperity of the entire industry. Qualcomm has a broad product portfolio and platform that supports different performance requirements and price ranges, and can provide mature reference design platforms to help device manufacturers launch products quickly and at scale.

At present, the vigorous development of the IoT industry coincides with the technological change in the first year of 5G. The extreme broadband, reliable connection and ultra-low latency brought by 5G will enable a wide range of IoT scenarios and bring new value to the entire industry.

Currently, there are more than 150 5G terminal designs released or under development around the world, using Qualcomm's 5G solutions, including 5G modules for IoT applications. Snapdragon 855 and Snapdragon X50 are the world's first commercial 5G mobile platforms, supporting many mobile phone manufacturers to rapidly launch 5G terminals to the global market in the first year of 5G. At present, the terminal equipped with the second-generation Snapdragon X55 5G modem and radio frequency system is also under intensive development and will be available soon. At the same time, Quectel, Guanghetong, Meige and other manufacturers have also launched a variety of 5G IoT computing and connection modules based on the Snapdragon X55, which can fully support the intelligent consumption experience in different usage scenarios. At the seminar, Quectel announced that more than 100 customers have adopted the development of 5G equipment based on its 5G modules.

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