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The definition of the LOT

Internet of things (IOT, Internet of things), namely "the Internet connected by all things", is an extended and expanded network based on the Internet. It combines various information sensing devices with the network to form a huge network, which realizes the interconnection of people, machines and things at any time and anywhere

The Internet of things is an important part of the new generation of information technology. The IT industry is also called pan interconnection, which means that things are connected and everything is connected. Therefore, "the Internet of things is the Internet connected with things". This has two meanings: first, the core and foundation of the Internet of things is still the Internet, which is an extended and extended network based on the Internet; Second, its client extends and extends to any goods and goods for information exchange and communication. Therefore, the Internet of things is defined as a network that connects any item to the Internet for information exchange and communication through information sensing equipment such as radio frequency identification, infrared sensor, global positioning system and laser scanner according to the agreed protocol, so as to realize the intelligent identification, positioning, tracking, monitoring and management of items