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Mifi's advantage over smart phone hotspot sharing

MiFi's advantages over mobile phones
Most smart phones have hotspot sharing, but MiFi has great advantages over mobile hotspot sharing
1. MiFi's Battery life. 
Smart phones run many applications at the same time. Even if they don't open applications, many small programs in the background are constantly consuming mobile phone power. After opening hotspots with smart phones, you can almost see the continuous decline of mobile phone power at a visible speed. MiFi is a simple Internet device with only one function, so the power can support at least 6 hours (some can support 10 hours).
2.MiFi's signal is stable.
 Use the mobile phone to share hot spots to play lol, and disconnect the network every 10 minutes, because the baseband of the mobile phone can not bear such fast data pressure, and there is no such problem with a well-made MiFi. If the mobile phone card is inserted into the MiFi, other people's calls can't come in, which avoids another possibility of network disconnection. The voice of CSFB, sglte, srlte and svlte falls back. As a professional network device, MiFi will play a certain role in the industry, which mobile phones do not have.
3.MiFi's network speed is very fast. 

As a "universal device", smart phone can realize many functions under the condition of hardware license, but the hot function of mobile phone is based on a small network module, which is very unprofessional compared with professional Internet access device MiFi