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What to do when 4G CPE router is offline?

What should we do when we encounter this kind of situation?  Dual Band 4G CPE

4G Wifi Router Mifis

1. Let's see if our router is placed in a place that is more conducive to its heat dissipation. If it is placed in a bad position, the router will have Internet failure due to poor heat dissipation after working for a period of time, or even frequent offline! So, in case of frequent disconnection of the router, we have to find out whether the router is hot or not. If it is overheated, we'd better turn it off for a while to cool it down, and then change to a better ventilated location.

2. Let's see if there is more than one device in the device connecting our route that has enabled the DHCP service. If so, it will easily lead to IP address confusion, so it's not surprising that the Internet is offline. At this time, we just need to keep one device to enable the DHCP service, and the rest will be shut down.

3. See if the cable between the cat and the router is not strong enough. If you find it, you can consider changing the cable or inserting it well to ensure good contact.