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General questions for 4G Mobile Mifi

The following lists some general questions for 4G Mobile Mifi.

1. Can' enter 4G LTE Mobile MiFis the configuration page?
A: is the default IP address of 4G router changed? If so, please use the changed IP to enter the page. If you don't remember, please press the reset key to reset and enter with the initial value;
2. After 4G Wifi LTE Router with Sim Card has been running normally for a period of time, can't it be re boarded after disconnection?
Check whether the SIM card is in arrears;
Whether online hold is configured in the 4G router configuration page.
3. Why is the equipment often disconnected?
A: is the environmental network of the machine not good?
4. Why can't dial the number?
Check if the SIM card is installed correctly? Is the antenna connected OK? Whether the relevant parameters of APN are correct;

Hope that the above several simple common troubleshooting methods, if other problems, please contact our relevant technical personnel in time